Welcome to Janzow.org

- the Homepage to Christopher Janzow

I have finally made a claim to MY home on the web.

This is my website - a proper working website with dynamic features and cool places to check back on. I hopefully will add a projects section - showing some of the stuff I work on in my free time. There will likely be stuff that is inventive on its own nature while others will just be my interpretation/reproduction of others projects as they fit my needs.

The second step

I suppose I'm looking for some direction here. As far as geeky projects go, I'm considering posting some of the process of the making of this site, my arduino projects and circuits, and other projects I take on. Even projects like building a cat scratch post will go here. My photo albums will go here. Yes I could use instuctables, flickr, facebook and all the other such sites - but I'd like to retain ownership of what I post on the internet. Those of you that still think you have rights to the pictures you put on myspace? Ha - Rupert Murdock owns them now lol.